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General Service Control Valves

Our standard offering includes several styles of globe and angle valve styles. The G110 Series provides cage-guided valves through 16” and ANSI Class 600. For higher pressure ratings, we offer the V510 and V520 valves for coverage through ANSI Class 2500. For services requiring top-guided trims, we offer the G120 with threaded-in seat ring and the G130 with ‘quick change trim’. For larger dirty services, our V800 Series delivers rugged top and bottom guiding.

Series G110 Globe and Angle Valves
1-1/2" through 16" ANSI Class 150, 300, 600

The G110 Series offers cage-guided balanced plugs to allow for smaller actuators. This design allows for the use of multi-hole trims to reduce aerodynamic noise and the onset of cavitation. A variety of plug seals are available to meet a wide range of application conditions offering up to class VI shut-off. Unbalanced plugs are available for those conditions exceeding the seal ring capabilities. The G110 cage-guided trim style is ideal for clean liquids, gases and steam in moderate to high temperatures and pressures. For detailed specifications, please refer to product bulletin G110-1.

Series G120 Globe and Angle Valves
1/2" through 6" ANSI Class 150, 300, 600

The thread retained seat ring of the G120 eliminates concern over thermal expansion and the need for elastomeric gaskets. This design utilizes a single metallic gasket at the body to bonnet interface. This all metal construction makes this design desirable for many chemical applications. The geometry of the trim components simplifies manufacturing when high alloy materials are required. The 1/2" - 1" valves are available with spline trims for precise control of extreme low flow applications. A variety of extension and bellows seal bonnet options further enhance this product’s capability in chemical applications. For detailed specifications, please refer to product bulletin G120-1.

Series G130 Globe and Angle Valves
1/2" through 6" ANSI Class 150, 300, 600

The G130 Series is a single-seated, top-guided control valve with “quick change” trim. The seat ring is held in place by a retainer which is captured between the valve body and bonnet. No special tools are required for the removal or replacement of the seat ring. The G130 is often the first choice for the widest range of medias, temperatures and pressures. For detailed specifications, please refer to product bulletin G130-1.

Series V510/V520 Globe and Angle Valves
1/2" through 12" ANSI Class 900, 1500, 2500

The V510 (ANSI Class 900 and 1500) and V520 (ANSI Class 2500) Series control valves are heavy cage guided type globe and angle valves with “quick change” trim. Designed for high temperature and high pressure applications, these valves feature a close tolerance integral cage and seat ring for accurate, vibration free service. The pressure drop in this design occurs across the cage openings (ports) rather than the seating surface, thus minimizing seat wear and seat leakage. Applications include throttling and on/off control of non-gritty liquids, gases, and steam at moderate to high temperature and pressures. For detailed specifications, please refer to the product bulletin V510/520-1.

Series V800/V801 Top and Bottom Guided Double Seated Globe Valve
1” through 12” ANSI Class 150, 300, 600, 900,1500

The V800/801 Series is a double-seated, top and bottom guided globe-style valve with screwed-in seat rings. This style of valve is extremely useful in erosive (dirty) fluids and systems where high flow rates are required. This valve style may be ordered as air to open or air to close without a change in actuator. For detailed specifications, please refer to the product bulletin V800-1. (No link, bulletin not yet available.)

Severe Service Control Valves

Our multi-stage Velocity Control Trims solve the most demanding applications in the power and oil and gas industries The V701 Series has been applied in the mining and other industries where erosive slurries are encountered.

500M Velocity Control Trim

Velocity control trim is suitable for compressible and incompressible fluids and provides many advantages that result in improved performance, reduced maintenance and system simplification. This advanced design “velocity control” trim prevents the generation of noise and or cavitation at the source, eliminating the need for supplementary devices such as diffusers and silencers, and the related expense. As implied in the name, the trim is based on velocity control principles. The tortuous fluid path is formed by the number of concentric cages, radial flow paths and the number of axial flow changes along the milled cavities. The cylinders are firmly connected by vacuum brazing, eliminating external leakage, or short circuiting, while permitting sufficient inter-stage clearance flow. As fluid passes through each passage, velocity is “controlled”, followed by a correspondingly “controlled” pressure reduction. For detailed specifications, please refer to the product bulletin 500M.

Series V701 Venturi Seat Angle Valves
1” through 16” ANSI Class 150, 300 and 600

The Series V701 is a single-seated, post-guided, angle valve with a flange-retained outlet, venturi seat ring. Designed to handle difficult services involving erosive fluids, fluids with entraned solids and slurries, this streamlined body and venturi seat ring construction minimize erosion in even the toughest applications. Applications include throttling control or isolation control of liquids, gases, slurries and steam through a wide range of service applications. For detailed specifications, please refer to the product bulletin V701-1.

Cryogenic Service Control Valves

KOSO HAMMEL DAHL enjoys a long reputation for the design and supply of the premier control valve for use in cold box services. In addition to the V817, the G120 and G130 Series valves are used throughout the yard on, relatively speaking, warm valves.

Series V817 Cryogenic Globe Valves
1-1/2" through 6" ANSI Class 150, 300, 600

The Series V817 control valve is designed specifically for use in 'cold box' applications. It is a single-seated, body-guided globe style with threaded seat ring. The extended neck allows the body to bonnet flange to be outside the cold box, simplifying maintenance and providing a low 'cool down weight'. This design is generally used in throttling and/or isolation control of cryogenic liquids and gases to -450°F (-268°C). For detailed specifications, please refer to the product bulletin V817-1.


Actuators and Accessories
D/R Series Spring-Diaphragm Pneumatic Linear Actuators

D/R Series actuators are linear spring diaphragm pneumatic actuators designed for reliable operation of rising stem control valves. The D/R is a simple and rugged unit available in a combination of case sizes, strokes and springs to satisfy a wide range of applications. For valves requiring longer travel and higher thrusts, the A46 and A47 are available. The A46 is a direct-acting actuator, while the A47 is a reverse-acting model. For detailed specifications, please refer to the product bulletin D/R Series -1.

REXA Electraulic™ Actuation

REXA manufactures micro-processor based self-contained electro-hydraulic actuators and drives that provide superior performance in demanding applications. The combination of electronic controls and hydraulic motive force provides a very stiff, stable and precise actuator in a compact and easy to configure package. This actuator includes a microprocessor based control unit that can be remotely mounted for safe operation and ease of user access. A simple user interface allows for easy configuration and calibration for fast and effective valve commissioning. For more information about REXA Electraulic™ actuators, please refer to their website.