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      Conventional, Bellows, Threaded, & Pilot Operated Relief Valves

      Chemical, Refining, Power, Cryogenic, & Sanitary Applications 


          PPM and PPB Nitrogen Analyzers

          Chromatographic Systems

          Sample Systems



          Regulators (High & Low Pressure, High Purity)


          Actuators, Positioners & Controls

          Diaphragm Seals


          Pressure, Differential, Temperature & Vacuum Switches

          Sanitary Pressure Switches

          Smart Pressure Switch (Transmitter)



          Globe and Angle Control Valves and Accessories

          Cryogenic and Severe Service Applications



          Self Draining Sanitary Relief Valves

          Flush, Inline, or Direct Mounting


          Pneumatic (90,180, Multi-Turn)

          Electro-Hydraulic (90)

          Electric (90, Multi-Turn)


          Cast Iron & Bronze Safety Valves for Air, Gas, Liquid and Steam Service

          Section I & Section VIII Certified


          Analyzers (Liquid & Gas Applications)

          Integrated Instrument Systems


          Ultrasonic and Capacitance Level Sensors for Point and Continuous

      Measurement liquid & dry


          Conservation Vents

          In-Line & End of Line Detonation Arresters (Including Group B)

          Flame Arresters


          Metal Seated Butterfly Valves

          National Board Certified Safety Relief Valve Facility

          Local Safety Relief Valve Stock Maintained

          Full Service Shop to Assemble New, Repair, & Certify Safety Relief Valves

 J. Koch Associates, Inc. Services