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General description
The K3000 trace gas analyzer is a basic system available in different configurations based on final application. Each analyzer is shipped pre-configured and ready to run.

The most frequent applications for the K3000 are for measurement of trace nitrogen in hydrogen, oxygen, or crude argon. The K3000 may also be used to measure trace nitrogen in helium or argon but for these applications it is more appropriate to use the K2001 series due to its on line feature and its lower cost.

The K3000 analyzer is based on our well proven plasma detector and a chromatographic separation column. Based on the final application, a chemical trap may also be used.

Traditionally, trace nitorgen in oxygen or hydrogen measurement was done with relatively complex gas chromatograph. Most of these chromatographs use helium as a carrier gas. They are not process oriented but more for bench laboratory. They also require separate chart recorder or integrator to process the analog data from the detector. It is also difficult to interface them with today DCS, PLC, or computer based process control system. Another drawback of such system is the difficulty to mount it into analyzer panel. They require a skilled operator and such system are not design for unattended operation. Furthermore, most of the detectors used in such systems can be damaged if there is no flow. Some of them use radioactive material.

The K3000 gas analyzer overcomes these drawbacks. The K3000 gas analyzer is a process oriented analyzer. Even if the K3000 uses a chromatographic column, carrier gas, and valves we still call it a process analyzer instead of a process chromatograph.

The reason for this is the fact the K3000 has all the features of a process analyzer. The K3000 comes with an isolated 4-20 mA output representing the process value. This output can also be used to trend the chromatogram for diagnostic purpose and troubleshooting. There are also 3 operating ranges and 3 dry contact outputs representing which range is in use. With these features the K3000 is easy to interface with any remote industrial process control system. Also included, the system status dry contact output. This contact will open if any abnormal conditions occur which can lead to measurement errors. Two process alarms with their respective dry contacts output are also provided. Any setpoint can be programmed to trigger these alarms. Eevery operator intervention is done with the help of the front keypad. The calibration is done by pressing the appropriate key. There is no need for instrument air. One great advantage, there is no chromatographic method to develop for peak detection. There are only a few parameters to enter. Your analyzer is already pre-configured and should not require parameters modifications as long the carrier flow and oven's temperature are kept constant.

Finally, the analyzer comes in a standard 19 inches rack mounted enclosure easy to install in any panel.

The K3000 will operate 24 hours/day, 365 days/year like a common process analyzer.

Now the versatility of a chromatographic system is available with the simplicity of an on-line gas analyzer.

Please read the user's manual entirely. Each section contains information that will make installation and start up of the analyzer easier. Also, in the appendix we have included some application notes that can be hepful.

This process analyzer was configured and set up based on the configuration you have odered. Please review the specifications/configurations section of this manual. In this section all the configuration parameters are listed. Keep this information in a safe place for future reference.

At any time do not hesitate to contact us or your local sales representative if you need any help. Our commitment is to provide you with the best system for your application.

Description summary

The system uses the Control Analytique separation column to physically isolate the nitrogen component from the sample matrix. The sample is injected into an argon carrier flow path using a special valving system. The analyser is shipped configured for the final application.

There is no air instrument for valve actuation nor rotary valve. Once the nitrogen is isolated, this onr is introduced in our nitrogen specific plasma based cell. The conbination of column, plasma cell and associated optics gives a double separation system. The result is a system really specific to nitrogen.

All this with the simplicity of an online process gas analyser, with all interface required for process automation (PLC, DCS, etc.)

  • Electronic wafer fabs
  • Gas management system
  • Gas purifier efficiency monotoring
  • Specialty gas laboratories
  • High purity Argon plant


Detector type :
Single beam. Electromagnetically induced plasma cell. Nonratiometric measurement.
Material : Quartz, single element, vacuum tight to 10 PSI (69 KPAG).
Range :
0 - 1,0 - 10,0 - 100 ppm N2. Other ranges available. Please contact factory
Sample flow requirements :
Sample flow electronic controller. Accept sample flow set point from 0 to 200 cc
Gas connections :
1/8" swagelok tube fitting
Calibration gas :
Zero : not required
Span : base on full scale selected
Weight :
15 kg (33lbs)
Flow measurement accuracy :
0 to 200 cc 1 % of full scale
Carrier flow :
20 to 150 cc, based on application
Carrier gas :
Carrier grade argon, argon gas purifier recommended
Carrier pressure :
Based on application
Supply :
120 VAC or 220 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz. Specified when ordering. 150 watts maximum
Repeatability :
1.5 % (or better) of full scale over 24 hours
Analyse time :
2 - 3 minutes based on application
Standard features :
  • Isolated 4 - 20 mA output, used as process value
    Retransmission or as chromatogram output
    User selectable in the configuration menu
  • Remote range identification contact output (3 dry contacts output)
  • Two alarms dry contacts output, user pre-settable limits
  • System status dry contact output
  • Fully microprocessor-controlled, with 4 X 40 LCD display
  • Self-diagnostic system software
  • Electronic carrier flow monitoring
  • Electronic sample flow control system
Options :
  • RS-232 isolated serial port
  • Automatic calibration
and UL1244 compliant